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Mobile Directory Sites

Delivered Free

We were the first Hotel Guest Directory company to offer free Mobile Directory Sites to all of our hotels in Canada.  Our newest launch makes keeping in touch with the hotel easy and simple – providing all of the information you will find in a print directory right on your guests’ smart-phone.

For our advertisers, this new technology means that their ads can go with the guest as they move around town.  Guests can click on an ad to call the advertiser, or launch an interactive map to the location or even go to the advertiser’s website… something they could never do without ruining the print directory!

How It Works

As an alternative to costly and often out-dated printed guest directories, a placard is placed in every room that contains a link/QR code to your online guest directory.  Guests simply scan the QR code with their mobile device to access your hotel directly online.

See how it works! Scan the QR code shown on this page with a mobile device to view a working example.  Alternatively, you can visit this site by clicking here.

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